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Praise for the books of Carra Copelin:

Katie and the Irish Texan 
"Only a master storyteller like Carra Copelin can bring so much realism to a novel that it reaches out and forcibly drags you into a world from which you might never want to escape." 
Matelyn and the Texas Ranger
"This romance will keep you on the edge of your seat, as you try and figure out all the twists and turns of a well-crafted suspense plot against the backdrop of a heartfelt romance."
Katie and the Irish Texan NEW copy 6 13

Dermont McTiernan has loved - and lost. Determined to move on, he heads to Texas for a new life and a fresh start. But when the luscious redhead from County Cork shows up in Dallas, can he move on without her - or will he have a second chance at love? 

Kathleen O'Donnell has loved - and regretted it. Her marriage is a living hell, and she can't stop thinking about the man that she let get away. When she comes across her tall, dark-eyed Irishmen in Dallas, she has to make a choice - honor her vows, no matter what, or take the second chance that fate is holding out to her.

Matelyn and the Texas Ranger - Texas Cod

Ian Benning is a man struggling to find his way. Unable to cope with the death of his wife, he leaves his son in the care of two friends and rejoins his old outfit with the Texas Rangers. A search for a group of bank robbers leads him aboard a ship off the coast of Texas, right in the middle of a horrific hurricane. He's not sure which is the most dangerous: the robbers, the hurricane, or the woman he rescues.

Matelyn O'Donnell is traveling with her employer, Veronique de Marceau, on a trip to reunite Veronique with her cruel and conniving husband, Gerard. When she meets a handsome stranger on the ship, she dismisses him as one of Gerard's criminal companions. But when the handsome stranger rescues her after their ship is capsized, will she trust him to be who he says he is? And together, can they bring Gerard de Marceau to justice?


Jamey O'Donnell is a simple man who loves his family, loves adventure, and likes it that way. When he finds out an old friend has been murdered, his life becomes complicated. He marries his friend's widow to help her buy some time so she can keep her ranch. But will he be able to walk away when the deal is done? 

Angel is a complicated woman faced with impossible choices. Her husband is dead and in order to save her ranch, she marries a stranger who claims to be her husband's friend. He promises to pay off her debt and then leave once she's safe. But will she be able to let him go when it's all said and done?

FaithandtheTexasLawyer ERIN Final NEW B.

Faith Daniels has been a misfit all her life and often dreams she lived in a simpler time. She's rehabbing a 1900 mansion in Galveston, Texas when she's somehow transported almost a hundred years into the past, just before one of the most deadly natural disasters in history hits the city. She has a choice to make: return to her imperfect - but safe - life in the present time, or risk everything to stay with the man she loves.

Joseph Benning has serious trust issues. After being jilted by his fiance shortly before their wedding, he buys a house and tells himself he's better off alone. When a strange woman appears in his life - and his house - he finds himself torn between wanting to be with her for the rest of theirs lives, or sending her back to her time in order to save her life. 

Ada Medium Res.png

Donal 'Mac' McTiernan has it all planned out: one last mission for the U.S. Army and then home to Dallas, Texas to live out his life. But he hadn't planned on a green-eyed, red-headed woman who would turn his life upside down.

Ada Weathered is in a bind. She's working two jobs to try and pay the mortgage on the land her father left to her, but she's desperately afraid she won't be able to meet the deadline. Will the handsome stranger be the answer to her prayers?

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