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Graeme McAlister has returned home to Texas to discover why his foster brother overdosed on morphine and crashed the company jet. The NTSB and coroner's reports both confirm suicide but Graeme's determined to unearth the truth. When he sees his brother's widow, will he be able to handle the biggest revelation of all?

A widow at the age of twenty-eight, Maggie Benning is determined to get her life back on track - for her and for her son. Then Graeme McAlister comes back to McTiernan and stirs up old memories and feelings she thought long buried. Can she overcome past hurt and loss of trust to accept the possibility of a new love in her life?

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Dinah Horne is in danger of losing herself. Leaving her friends and family for Dallas, Texas, she’s determined to make her mark. Unfortunately, the big city has other ideas. When her money runs out, she returns to her hometown and the man she can’t forget.

Ben Hammond is sheriff of the small community of McTiernan, Texas. Once he’s over the woman who stole his heart and shattered it, he decides to buy the Hard Luck Ranch and settle down. Problem is, odd things are happening that may be tied to the previous owners. As he begins his investigation into the past, he is faced with an even bigger problem—the reappearance of Dinah Horne.


Lilah Canfield has one last chance to save her career as a country music performer with a performance at Billy Bob's Texas in Fort Worth. But she slides into a ditch during the worst snow storm in a century, she risks losing her chance at her music career, but might have a chance to rekindle an old love. Will Lilah make her gig and save her career? Or will she give it all up for a second chance at love?

Two years after the death of his wife, Sheriff’s Deputy Jack McCommas is ready to move forward, both for himself and his eight-year-old daughter. When he and a friend stop to help the folks in a stranded motor coach, he can't believe his old flame Lilah Canfield is standing in front of him. When he uncovers a plot to sideline Lilah’s career, he has to make a choice: solve the mystery and send her on her musical dream, or try to convince her to stay with him in Mistletoe. 

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Nashville event planner Liberty Ann Hart tries not to fall for a local carpenter, but his charisma is difficult to ignore, especially under the spell of a Texas town called Mistletoe. Daniel Dylan Layman is determined to show the headstrong city woman a country life. Will a Christmas fundraiser spark a lifetime of love?

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