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Texas Christmas Short Stories

These short stories celebrate the mythical and magical existance of Santa Clause amidst the Christmas celebration at the San Antonio Riverwalk.



A Santa for Christmas

 Merry Hernandez has lost both her father and her brother in the last year and, due to a bad economy, stands to lose her business, Very Merry Events. She also regrets not participating in the Riverwalk Christmas Pageant in San Antonio, Texas, where her father always played Santa and handed out toys to the children.

Sam Claus has journeyed to Texas with his father to help him make a young woman's Christmas wish come true. Due to the older man's illness, Sam doesn't see a way to help Merry Hernandez.   Will Sam be able to turn the tide of events in her favor? Will Sam and Merry realize their special connection and reach their happily ever after? Will the handsome stranger and his father be able to help her fulfill her dreams?


A Bride for Christmas

 Lucy Martinez has dreamed of being a Christmas bride ever since Special Forces soldier, Jason Scott, popped the question. Jason has assured Lucy he will be at the altar to say "I do" no matter what, but will a blizzard on Christmas Eve prevent him from making it home to keep his promise?



A Family for Christmas

Tony Medina, star quarterback for a Texas NFL team, is on the brink of making a career-changing, life-altering decision. It just might take a miracle to get him back in his wife’s good graces and their house.

Karla Masters is a popular morning TV show host in San Antonio. Her personal life, however, is lacking on all fronts. After she becomes a foster parent, there’s only one more item needed to bring them all together.

If Christmas is the time for wishes and miracles, is there one left for her?


A Little Magic for Christmas

This short story is in the writing and development stages. Projected publishing date is December 2023.

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